Ghost Toast

When the toast sidled out from the toaster,

A grisly and gruesome old slice,

And it let out a howl and a bloodcurdling growl,

In a breath that was chilly as ice,

When it flew through the air, going here, going there,

With a horrible death-scented waft,

And it waltzed through the wall (which was solid and tall),

Then it creaked up the stairs to the loft,

When the toast went on groaning and moaning,

I knew what had caused this grim fate.

We’d been using some bread that was already dead;

A week past its ‘best before’ date.


5 Comments to “Ghost Toast”

  1. Gosh I love your poems. ❤ I think their brilliant and cute and simple and they just make me smile for some reason.

  2. Reblogged this on Think it, Ink it. and commented:
    Guys go follow this amazing blog ‘taking words for a stroll.’
    this poem belongs Ellie, I think that’s her name. And I’m assuming she’s the owner of that blog as well. Anyways…her poems inspire me and I think she’s a Brilliant poet so follow her and get inspired. Okay? Okay.

  3. Love your poems. Very Ogden Nash-ish, no? Lovely.

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