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April 9, 2016

When Grandad Lost his Memory

Grandad’s lost his memory; we’ve looked for it for ages.

Is it hidden in a book, stuck between the pages?

Perhaps behind the sofa, or underneath a chair?

We have to get it back you see; he doesn’t have one spare.

Did the dog devour it? Or is it on the street?

Maybe Grandad dropped it, and it’s right by someone’s feet.

Did he chuck it by mistake, is it in the bin?

How can we not see it, when it’s got his whole life in?

Is it in Lost Property, stacked up on a shelf?

Grandad’s sad without it; no, he’s really not himself.

I think I’ll write a notice: MEMORY GONE MISSING.


If you see it anywhere, could you please just phone?

As now his memory is gone, our Grandad’s so alone.