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April 20, 2016

The Sad Story of Charlie H

Recently, I had a friend

Who chewed his pencils at the end.

Others in our art class drew,

But Charlie H would chew and chew

The brightly painted pencil wood

(He said it tasted really good).

First he’d take a little nibble,

Then, his pencil soaked with dribble,

Charlie H would gnash and gnaw

And chomp until his teeth and jaw

Had munched and crunched the wood and sunk

Their way into a largish chunk.

The teacher said ‘What are you doing?

Do your work and stop that chewing!’

Charlie tried his best to stop

But still his mouth went chop chop chop

As with a concentrated frown

He chomped and champed that pencil down

Till all he had was one small stump.

And then we heard the fearful thump;

He’d gobbled through the pencil lead

And Charlie H had dropped down dead.

‘A dreadful case!’ the doctor cried,

And opened up the boy’s inside,

Where on his heart, the doc found written:

‘Pencils never should be bitten’.