A writer of picture books, poems and other things (most of them silly), I live in London with my husband, four rather bonkers children and two guinea pigs. I also have a jet-black cat, and (unintentionally) lots of spiders and mice. Make of that what you will.

I am represented by the wonderful Eve of the Eve White Literary Agency, and can be contacted at ewoollard [at] gmail.com

32 Comments to “About”

  1. Dear Elli,
    What a great collection.
    I find them more funny than my children but they like the rhymes.
    Excellent, another Woollard gold star.

    • Thanks! Most of the poems on here at the moment are obviously intended for slightly older children, but I have written a few for toddlers that I haven’t posted yet, so I’ll remedy that situation soon.

  2. I’m blown away – totally engrossing and original. Am sending them around the wibbly wobbly web.
    See you soon
    Louise (Rufus’ mum) x

  3. Hi Elli
    I think your poems are great – especially the one about being three!
    I’d love to discuss an idea with you. If you could email me (cant’ find contact detail for you) that would be great, thank you.

  4. Wonderful. Words matter. A lot.

    Found you through Clementine.

    Keep writing, my young daughter is an aspiring writer and i’m pointing her to your poems.

  5. Goodness Elli, your poems are brilliant!

  6. Dear Elli, I would dearly like to use your poem about the bookworm for a classroom theme I am planning for national library week in South Africa next year. May I use your poem? Kind regards. Gillian

  7. I smiled big when reading your Vacuum Gran poem. Sweetly funny! It’s a wonderful read. I’m glad I came across your site. Will keep reading:) … Yaz.

  8. Lovely poetry Elli. I’m glad to have found you on here! x

  9. Simply brilliant! I’ve just started writing a few poems and identify with your style of writing. A few simple sentences that rhyme and towards the end, bring out a smile!

  10. This is a great blog! Keep up the great work! please Visit http://www.helloworldmagazine.com sometime, too. Thanks!

  11. Very creative writing! You make the words come alive..

  12. Hi Elli
    One of my students would like to perform your bookworm poem in a poetry recital competition in Australia,
    are you ok with that?

    • Of course, it would be a real honour! Best of luck to your student in the competition! And I’m delighted my poems are making it down to Australia, as my grandmother was from Albany, WA, and I still have relatives in Freemantle.

  13. Lovely whimsy! Just the thing to start off a positive day!

  14. Hello,

    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated your blog for the Blogger Recognition Award. Here’s the post for you to check it out: https://vookthevook.wordpress.com/2015/10/06/blogger-recognition-award/ Thank you for having such a wonderful blog to read. 🙂 I hope you are having a good day and will be able to participate in this.

  15. Hello Elli, I am a retired language arts teacher who lives on a farm. I certainly appreciate the Song of the Dung Beetle and The Grammar of Cat. Now, each time that I look at my cat, I see commas and exclamation points.

    Truly enjoy your blog

  16. I’m new to wordpress and stumbled upon your blog. Love it!

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