I love to hear from anyone who reads my poems. If you like them (or even if you hate them), please feel free to drop me a line at ewoollard[at]

20 Comments to “Contact”

  1. I love your poems, but by way of constructive criticism I think many of them are slightly too long

    • Thanks. I agree, some of them are long, but that’s my cunning plan to try and break into the picture book market. Which to be honest, probably holds out more publishing prospects than poetry books (notoriously hard to get published, even for well-known writers). Eggs, baskets, and all that stuff…And the long ones are fun to write.

    • Actually that sounds way more cynical than it is. I started off writing stories in verse, as opposed to shorter poems, and sod it, I like writing them. But thanks for the constructive criticism – I will take it on board.

  2. Hi Elli, ive got to say that the longer ones are fab for reading to children instead of the usual stories, great to get them thinking poetically haha!

  3. Hi, your poems are wonderful, so clever and funny! Satisfying rhymes and not too contrived, tricky to do. Respect.

  4. He… Luv the simple way of wRiting… It’s really nice and expressive

  5. I love your poems, Keep up the great work! please Visit sometime, too. Thanks!

  6. Love your poems and am really hoping for that picture book! They remind me of Robert Munch, and Doctor Seuss, but still very much you.

  7. How wonderfully talented and gifted you are….Your poetry heightens one’s emotions and senses with your whimsical and humorous use of words that are not normally connected to people or inanimate objects. Words that normally go with people you have added them to objects, giving them a personality and life….You are a very deep thinker and a keen observer of how things operate in the scheme of things.

    It is very, very refreshing to read your poetry and your use of adjectives and descriptive words are an art in themselves…I will try and read at least 2 or 3 poems a day, because although there are many facets to your poetry, your poems make the reader smile, laugh, and think when we most need to….Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with us.

  8. Hello Elli! You are seriously a wonderful poet!I love writing poems too… Mostly they are kinda twisted ones like yours, having a covert meaning. Will u plz check them out? I mean I m quite young n ur piece of advice would really help alot!

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